The Mesquakie Indian Settlement in 1905

The State Historical Society of Iowa sponsored an expedition to the Meskwaki Settlement in 1905 and selected Duren H. Ward to create an anthropological study of the tribe's history, culture, and language. He collected information, documents, artifacts, and photographs. The photographs he collected, long hidden from public view, received renewed attention in the 1970s when a cache of glass lantern slides were located at the State Historical Society of Iowa. A traveling exhibition of images was on display in the rotunda of the state capitol and elsewhere in the state. L. Edward Purcell helped coordinate these activities and wrote this article for The Palimpsest in March/April 1974. A note on sources used for the article appears on page 39. The images chosen to accompany this article can be seen in the gallery of Duren H. Ward Collection images that were placed in an oversized photograph album.

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