Meskwaki Anthology

A Collection of Observations Relating to the Meskwaki Tribe

Compiled by Johnathan L. Buffalo. Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved. Cannot be used without written permission. This document is divided into chronological sections. Click on a title to see quotations from each time period:

Introduction: The Meskwaki Fight
1532: The First European Experience for Some Tribes

1640-1694: First Impressions of the French
1701-1729: The Fox Wars
1730-1734: Ending the Fox Wars
1735-1804: Recovery and Rebuilding
1815-1845: The Americans
1846-1856: The Iowa Journey
1857-1866: A New Home in Old Lands
1867-1886: The New Neighbors
1887-1897: Jurisdictional Ambiguity
1898-1900: Debating What To Do With The Meskwaki
1901-1912: Tenaciously Clinging
1913-1923: Resisting Acculturation
1924-1936: Ancient Indians in a Modern World
1937-1951: Replacements Rather Than Losses
1952-1967: Increasing Pressure to Assimilate
1968-1979: Fighting Paper Wars
1980-1986: Learning How To Meet More Challenges
1987-2000: Hopes for a Better Future
Meskwaki and Sauki Voices